Burkeland Royal Games

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The Burkeland Royal Games are a periodic recurring event replacing the previous Freeport Games, in which every faction selects and sends a group of representatives to compete in various tournaments taking place in the Burkeland region. Competitions follow a bracket matchmaking, with more lengthy events having preliminary rounds so as to save time on the actual game days due to the Royal Games usually being streamed. The first, second, and third place winners of each competition win a gold, silver, and bronze trophy respectively for their factions. At the end of the games, whichever faction has won the most gold trophies is declared the winner, with ties being broken by the number of silver trophies. Every players' trophies are then mailed to them where they can either be displayed in their houses or worn as capes.


While each competition is unique, there are a few universal rules which are generally applied to every event.

  • No player is able to participate in more than two competitions per Burkeland Royal Games
  • Only war legal materials are allowed outside of ship woods and metals
  • Players who win in the Mortar Competition or Ur Tournament are not permitted to participate in the same competition in the next Burkeland Royal Games(with the exception of BRG1 winners)
  • Players are prohibited from wearing or displaying faction or crew logos and uniforms belonging to a faction/crew except their own, including former factions and disbanded crews.
  • Players participating must wear their particular faction's color (white, black, red, or yellow/brown).


Burkeland Royal Games I
Event Gold Winner(s) Gold Faction Silver Winner(s) Silver (Faction) Bronze Winner(s) Bronze Faction
Alliance Assault N/A Hallengard N/A Whitecrest N/A Blackwind
Minnowclad Mashup N/A Hallengard N/A Whitecrest N/A Blackwind
Schooner Scramble N/A Whitecrest N/A Hallengard N/A Blackwind
Rapier Rumble ScfAnarchy Whitecrest Kryijer Whitecrest TheOldValyrian Blackwind
Fisticuff Frenzy LittleJacob123 Blackwind xhammiex Hallengard Whitecrest KianRocks1
Couples Clash ScfAnarchy, sebseb12345678910 Whitecrest MaxuimMax, Someone012010 Whitecrest frogboy629455, CaptainLostic Blackwind
Capture the Fort N/A Blackwind N/A Whitecrest N/A Hallengard
Mortar Competition andrewv2006, Teem077 Hallengard davygunshot, StinkyGerm Nova Balreska PancakesandSyrup12, XxxBluewingsxxX Nova Balreska
Ur Tournament Crashcp Blackwind FrancoTanko1738 Hallengard dylanlee1001 Nova Balreska
Tetra Race ShadowEngineer, Poutpout_army, LittleJacob123, ILIAS323 Blackwind Baklava, meerkat55, TeamVogel, dylanlee1001 Nova Balreska Buffaren, Crashcp, Arthur_Primus, TheOldValyrian Blackwind
Burkeland Royal Games II
Event Gold Winner(s) Gold Faction Silver Winner(s) Silver (Faction) Bronze Winner(s) Bronze Faction
Alliance Assault N/A Nova Balreska N/A Blackwind N/A Whitecrest
Minnowclad Mashup N/A Nova Balreska N/A Blackwind N/A Nassau
Poseidon Battle N/A Whitecrest N/A Blackwind N/A Nassau
Smallsword Tournament TheLonelySilverWolf Nova Balreska andystorm Whitecrest Pmcvs_II Nassau
Fisticuffs Tournament Westonthe Nassau PurpleSparklezplays Whitecrest TwilightRealmFlopi Blackwind
Doubles Tournament TwannyWun, Joetrax Nassau BigTex1212, TheBlueHali Nova Balreska Raredig, IndustriaIly Nassau
Capture the Fort CaptainLostic, Industrially, ShadowEngineer, SquidTrain Nassau FlenTiX, ILIAS323, kingofthehull6000, StinkyGerm Nova Balreska benkall, dozer500, Stelios0987654321, TheBucketMan0517 Blackwind
Mortar Competition FlamesToFire, Hatcheye Blackwind AndrewTheNotSoGreat, gmanagoodman Nova Balreska orobloxian98, toxophilite15 Whitecrest
Ur Tournament Crashcp Blackwind natnic11 Blackwind DienotheriumElephant Whitecrest
Tetra Race 9vvo, captainburt10, airplanefriday, cheekythomas4 Nassau BigTex1212, kingofthehill6000, SlimyRushiP, TheBlueHali Nova Balreska EnUddaNooB32, leandrocarlos, LunarSol, Wolfy_4 Blackwind
Burkeland Royal Games III
Event Gold Winner(s) Gold Faction Silver Winner(s) Silver (Faction) Bronze Winner(s) Bronze Faction
Alliance Battle N/A Blackwind N/A Nova Balreska N/A Whitecrest
Schooner Scramble N/A Nova Balreska N/A Nassau N/A Blackwind
Raiders Battle N/A Nassau N/A Nova Balreska N/A Whitecrest
Smallsword Tournament ScfAnarchy Whitecrest Pmcvs_II Nova Balreska IcedRaider Blackwind
8v8 Land Battle N/A Nova Balreska N/A Nassau N/A Blackwind
Couples Clash CaptainLostic, TheBucketMan0517 Nova Balreska ScfAnarchy, sebseb1234567890 Whitecrest TwannyWun, Steeeber Nassau
Mortar Competition 2S_Route, Coulicus Whitecrest dudehey111, Karlo_tr10 Blackwind realhomiesheep, Shard_x Whitecrest
Ur Tournament Riezzen Blackwind Davisboy2 Nova Balreska Tramicus Whitecrest
Tetra Race cckcola, Veinze, 2001u, The1stRealKennyS Blackwind TheBlueHali, nagasaki2121, FortunaeRagnarok, captainburt10 Nova Balreska TheOldValryian, wariosuper, Unsuccesful, SkyeCrossedge Blackwind
Art Contest Kryfist Blackwind woozyway Nassau Envyixus


Nova Balreska


Burkeland Royal Games IV
Event Gold Winner(s) Gold Faction Silver Winner(s) Silver (Faction) Bronze Winner(s) Bronze Faction
Pigeon Battle N/A Nova Balreska N/A Nassau N/A Whitecrest
Sparrow Derby N/A Nassau N/A Whitecrest N/A Nova Balreska
Spear Tournament Realjim420 Blackwind JoeTrax Nassau stanley123111 Blackwind
8v8 Land Battle N/A Nova Balreska N/A Whitecrest N/A Blackwind
Battleaxe Doubles SweetBarbequeSauce, UnsuccessfuI Blackwind TeamVogel, meerkat55 Nassau Joetrax, adam1806 Nassau
Mortar Competition gghostwolf, orobloxian98 Whitecrest CombatDylan, Teemful Nova Balreska Juxyhr, KomodoFeathersFall Blackwind
Ur Tournament zachgaudio Nassau John Salem Salem Saugiss Nova Balreska
Tetra Race 2001u, The1stRealKennyS, Sk1tSkrt, sombra_king Blackwind airplanefriday, IcedRaider, lisainwonderland, zachgaudio Nassau Coulicus, iiJoshuwa, Krzysicus, TemporaryAAZ09 Whitecrest
Burkeland Royal Games V
Event Gold Winner(s) Gold Faction Silver Winner(s) Silver (Faction) Bronze Winner(s) Bronze Faction
Mortar Competition CBJ200, realhomiesheep Whitecrest Centurion041, gghostwolff Blackwind toxophilite15, gewderpl Whitecrest
Couples Clash Spiderman174365, Villainizing Blackwind CaptainLosticJr, TheBucketman0517 Nova Balreska Vermoq, Prezent49 Whitecrest
Ptarmigan Tussle Picklewig, Mrcool4986, Chip1216, Riyoboy, Masked_Scrub, dragon10789 Blackwind Its_Tatsu, FlamesToFire, Nalisgood, Enurexx, LogicalSolutionz, terminator1340 Nova Balreska mikeydaduman, JUNGLEGYM2005, CBJ200, Legovarr, ser50, Prezent49 Whitecrest
Shortsword Tournament (West Bracket) GreenTradeMark Nova Balreska Sir_ArthurWellington Blackwind Elkalope Whitecrest
Shortsword Tournament (East Bracket) Eatingk9s Nova Balreska GiveElectrosteelPl0x Whitecrest IceBreaker263715 Nova Balreska
4v4 Urban Combat Glerick1, snoozyaj, stereoisomers, DrDiggeridoo Nova Balreska SyntheticIngenuity, realhomiesheep, PolarDistress, TemporaryAAZ09 Whitecrest Triiferity, SeenKingston, IcedRaider, mase_rino Blackwind
Mercury Mayhem SirTenebris, AlleyCaaat, DrDiggeridoo, NotDedledus, UncastStone, Chyrlie Nova Balreska Johncena1222146, VivalasVegas, Brmalt3, TheValiant, TheBusterKing, Aheosphere Blackwind zachgaudioman, WernerModel, SyntheticIngenuity, c110pchopper, Curtiss_sbdauntless, SunflowerMemory Whitecrest
Ur Tournament Waldolover64 Blackwind Crashcp Blackwind Triple_83 Nova Balreska
Tetra Race archerlolman, littlenoobpvp, Troll3274, AlwaysNegativeBoi Whitecrest JUNGLEGYM2005, 10_kw, lisainwonderland, 6ryph Whitecrest Eziobs, Aheosphere, Namersivan, Toboggan Blackwind
Carronade Sparrow Brawl skulldragon7, LordBBruce, woodw0od, PolarDistress, SunflowerMemory, c110pchopper Whitecrest Safewrd35, FortunaeRagnarok, baby_doekjes, onion1234565, EECarlsson, zut1n Nova Balreska Jaredy00, ashdbhub122, the_kingofworldstuff, LYShelper, Charcito, VivaLasVegas Blackwind
Medal Totals
BRG Whitecrest Nova Balreska Hallengard Blackwind Nassau
I 3G + 5S + 1B 2S + 2B 3G + 3S + 1B 4G + 6B
II 1G + 2S + 3B 3G + 4S 2G + 4S + 3B 4G + 4B
III 2G + 1S + 4B 3G + 5S + 1B 4G + 1S + 5B 1G + 3S + 1B
IV 1G + 2S + 2B 2G + 1S +2B 3G + 3B 2G + 4S + 1B
V 3G + 3S + 5B 4G + 3S + 2B 3G + 4S + 3B