Tradelands Exchange

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Seller Prefix Material Item
Seller Amount Item Durability Price (ea)
EIC_Privateer 1 Chrome Narrow Blade 100 30000
EIC_Privateer 1 Chrome Exotic Blade 100 40000
EIC_Privateer 1 Charged Majestic Skyrite Jeweled Guard 100 25000
EIC_Privateer 1 Biased Charged Sapphire Round Guard 100 25000
EIC_Privateer 1 Stalinium Exotic Guard 100 25000
EIC_Privateer 4 Grimey Magmite 18-Pounder Carronade 200 20000
EIC_Privateer 4 Fine Copper 18-Pounder Carronade 400 4000
EIC_Privateer 1 Charged Royal Glowsteel Hilt w/ Guard 100 25000
EIC_Privateer 1 Charged Stately Pink Glowsteel Noble Hilt 100 25000
EIC_Privateer 1 Holy Angelwood Medium Handle 100 90000
EIC_Privateer 1 Deathly Holiconium Noble Guard 100 25000
EIC_Privateer 1 Pink Glowsteel Medium Handle 100 30000